It is true; the roots of yoga grow both wide and deep, perhaps this is why it provides such fruitful offerings. But, as modern day yogis, it is sometimes difficult to comprehend and adhere to some of the complexities passed down from our forefathers.

Of course, because we understand the concept of ‘balance’, we are soon able to bounce back. But why is attaining yoga (union) such an ongoing challenge for us? I was recently invited to a farm stay project in India,where I stayed with a Hindu family, in the hope of finding some answers.

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Paramaswarren is a yoga master with lots of experience when it comes to teaching western minds.

Currently assisting with Yoga teacher and advanced teacher training at the ‘Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetham’ (school of yoga) his knowledge on the subject is both vast and deep.

Yoga Asana, Dhiana (meditation)

and Vedic Theology...

Courses in 2015

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Welcome to the ‘Chengannuur Yoga Farm-stay Project’, we share and celebrate some of the best kept secrets in Kerala. If you are interested in Yoga & Ayurveda and enjoy nature, then you have found the right place.

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Parameswaren is the resident yoga master who runs the Yoga Farm Stay. Highly committed and practiced in the art of yoga and vedic science, he is available for group and personal tuition.


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Our traditional Hindu Cottage was renovated in 2014. It is the ideal living space for those who enjoy nature, tranquility and privacy.

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Our project is in its infancy, but our hearts are well developed and ready to accommodate guests. If Yoga and natural living is part of your philosophy then you will feel right at home at our farm-stay.